Works of cooperative units

The Institute of Buddhist Art of Yanshan University was established in 08, which is the only university established Buddhist art research institute in China, which has carried out long-term classification research on Buddhist statues since its establishment, and has a certain analysis and practice on Buddhist measurement sutras; To conduct research on Buddhist art statues and styles around the world, and do two provincial-level projects: first, the project of "Protection and Development of Xiangtangshan Grottoes" Provincial Social Science Federation; Second, "Research on the History and Culture of Xiangtangshan Grottoes" Provincial Social Science Fund Project; In addition, after analyzing and sorting out the style of statue making in various periods, I have summarized and sorted out the statue after more than 20 years of research, and we do not change and read the style set by the statue.
1. We organized several teams to create a large-scale cultural tourism project in 6 years, the overall park of "World Grotto Art Museum" covers an area of 6,000 acres, which is a 15-world largest interpretation of Buddhism with artistic statues; Completed in five phases. Total investment of 50 billion; It lasted 35-50 years; Create gaps in architectural and art history, and strive to interpret the Buddhist realm with perfect art forms.
2. Establish symbols of Buddhist art and culture
For the overall design of Liuhe Valley in Lulong County, Hebei Province, the style of "Qingshan Zen Courtyard" is, modern civilization symbolic, minimalist, beautiful, simple, natural and vulgar; New space, new display and form of imagery; The main temple is integrated into the natural environment, the main hall is the three Buddhas, the theme highlights are 500 gold-bodied arhats, tin bronze old law sticking gold; Minimalist techniques, aerial displays, create a beautiful wonderland of Telitian, let people feel ethereal beauty, and give up all troubles.