Let love heal the world,let the light of humanity shine all over the world

Handmade by the artist

Varieties of tools and raw materials are used for making this traditional art.

Vibrant and mild colors are used to make the painting which gives an elegant look to the products. Different sizes of brushes are used according to the designs; the brush are from purchased from Nepal. The cold gold or “Ser” is also purchased from Nepal.

Thick cotton cloth is used for painting as it observers the color rapidly. The main colors used for painting are red, green, yellow, blue and white. The size of the metal frame used for tying the cloth depends on the size and length of the painting.

The paintings are covered with a satin cloth which is red, yellow and blue in color.

What Yak bones stands for in tibet

Yak bones have always been an indispensable decoration on the bodies and heads of the Tibetans. Yak bone jewelry is a mascot with the meaning of attracting wealth, bringing luck, warding off evil spirits and keeping peace. It is said that it can indeed bring good luck, wealth, career, love, happiness, school and other good luck.

Why you need to wear beads

The beads can help you eliminate disasters, troubles, and make yourself safe and healthy. Its compassionate wisdom as well as protection and royal status.

Singing bowl is an angel

The singing bowl from Himalaya can solve problems such as depression, emotional anxiety, autism, light sleep, etc. It can disperse negative energy by the vibration sound waves emitted when the singing bowl is tapped or rubbed, thereby improving blood circulation and releasing Negative emotions that have been suppressed for a long time in the mind.

Artist collaboration