Team introduction

After a long period of accumulation, Yanshan University has conducted in-depth exploration and research on Buddhist art statues.

It is the only research institute with the theme of Buddhist art in a university in China, consisting of a team of university professors and sculpture professors;
1. The Buddhist theoretical team of Professor Wen Jinyu of Chinese Minmin University;
2. Buddhist Doctrine Team of Buddhist College of China;
3. Traditional art statue team of Sun Jidong Buddhist Art Research Institute, Department of Sculpture, School of Art, Yanshan University;
4. Professor Sun Zhijian's team from Yanda School of Architecture;
5. Zhai Yan team, environmental landscape of Yanshan University School of Arts;
6. Idle ancient building design building maintenance team; It can complete any task of ancient architecture and artistic statues.

He is especially good at Zen and Tibetan Buddhist art design, statue building and construction, which can meet the different requirements of any customer. We have a strong original team, original design, production and installation of Buddhist statues of different materials, different styles and different spaces; Environmental design and cultural enhancement platform.

108 Luohan series

Introduction of the works on display:

Arhat, short for Arhat, is a Sanskrit name (Arhat). Introduced to Tibet from India. There are three interpretations in the paraphrasing: one is that it can help people get rid of all troubles in life; The second is that it is possible to accept the heavenly offerings of heaven and earth; The third is that it can help people no longer suffer from samsara. That is, killing thieves, making offerings, and having no life are the highest fruits of Buddha's attainment of disciples.

Professor Sun specializes in interpreting traditional Buddhist art in modern language. This group of works has been exhibited in many places in Shanghai and Beijing, and this group of arhats is harmonious with the space, making this group of works reach an ethereal state, changing the serious and angry image of Luohans in the past. "Mountains, rivers and the earth are all me", transcending the traditional mode of practice and reaching the highest state - selflessness and nature.


1. Consultation
2. Design
3. Determine the shape
4. Production
5. Transportation
6. Delivery

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