From Great Tibetan Temple

The topography of Tibet resembles a simulation or, it could be said, a map of the world’s most powerful demon realm. At that time demons wreaked havoc, bringing severe destruction in this pure land of Tibet. On Google Maps, you can still see a strange image of the demoness in Dingri County, Shigatse Prefecture, Tibet. However, the princess of wisdom, Wencheng, broke this demon realm. Princess Wencheng placed 12 of the strongest Dharma nails on the demoness’s various joints, which in fact are the mountains, rivers and temples built by the Princess, thus creating the most powerful barrier in Tibet. Since then, the clear sky can be seen in Tibet again, and herdsmen can graze freely.

It was not until the 1990s, when Tibetan monks were sorting out relics in the Jokhang Temple, that 12 Singing Bowls were found, each carved with Tibetan gods or mantras. These bowls are exactly the jewels from 12 temples used to suppress the demoness. Striking these bowls will bring forth the energy of heaven and earth, and justice beyond measure.