Collection: ཚོན་རིས་སྐུ་འདྲ། Buddha statues-hand drawn by lama

Bring yourself close to buddha
Buddha hope your life will be free from suffering and happiness. Budda hope all sentient beings will be healthy and peaceful!
Buddhist Tangka, meaning "mandala". In the teachings of Esoteric Buddhism, it is believed that mandala is a picture that shows the truth of the universe (that is, the truth of the dharma realm).
Mandala is
The mandala was used by the Buddha for meditation, so it must be hand drawn and the most expensive materialA mandala is a circular, symbolic diagram, usually consisting of many concentric circles containing depictions of deities. With a thangka, the onlooker enters this visual space mentally and out of the lines Circles of fire, diamonds, graveyards, and lotus leaves before entering the mandala itself.