* Pure Tibetan has a very professional set of size rules! Different sizes often correspond to different sounds and different frequencies.

-Small: Beginners
-Diameter: X<6inch
-Features: The small size of the trumpet is often suitable for beginners, because it can be played with one hand. Its vibration frequency is high, but the sound is not durable, and it is suitable for feeling the charm of singing bowls.
We have provided you with a wooden stick for the trumpet singing bowl, and you can get the unique crisp and textured sound of the trumpet singing bowl when you strike it with the wooden stick.

-Medium: Beginners with some practical foundation
-Diameter: 8 inches > X >= 6 inches
-Features: Medium is two sizes more than small. Male palms can also generally be placed in hands.
The vibration of the medium size will be stronger and the sound will be more durable. Pure Tibetan has selected a small leather stick for you. You can hit it with a wooden stick and grind it with a leather stick to get a long-lasting vibration. The medium size is also suitable for beginners with some practical foundation, suitable for your first purchase to feel the charm of singing bowls.

-Large: Amateur players
-Diameter: 10 inches>X >= 8 inches
-Features: Large singing bowl, suitable for amateur players. A large singing bowl is suitable for grinding with a leather stick, and it emits long-lasting vibration and pleasant sound.
The large singing bowl is closer to the earth's atmosphere and has higher energy. His voice is more durable, suitable for sound therapy and professional scenes such as yoga and performance.

-Super big: Professional players or a singing bowl for collectors
-Diameter: X>=10 inches
-Features: The oversized singing bowl is recommended by Pure Tibetan team as a singing bowl for professional players or a singing bowl for collectors. We will have a red singing bowl hammer.
There is also a very special way to use the super large singing bowl: that is, you can put 1/3-2/3 of the water in the singing bowl, and the water will dance with the grinding of the leather stick. Suitable for music performance of professional players, etc.