Dorje Drak Monastery

Dorjidak Gompa or Tupten Dorjidak Dorjé Drak Éwam Chokgar is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery and one of the Nyingma school's "Six Mother Monasteries" in Tibet. It is located in the Lhoka (Shannan) Prefecture in the south of the Tibet Autonomous Region, older southeastern Ü-Tsang. It was built in the late 16th century by Tashi Daojie. In the late 16th century, Tashi Daojie, the ruler of one of the original 130,000 households of Latchujan, was defeated by Xinshapa Tsedan Dorje, and the land under his jurisdiction was also occupied by the Xinshaba family. Then, he preached everywhere and organized the Sangha - the Aiwang Mission. Later Tashi Daojie founded the Dorje Drak Monastery on the north bank of the Yarlung Zangbo River in the south of Lhasa. During the invasion of Tibet by the Mongolian Junggar troops in 1718, the monastery buildings were severely damaged, and then rebuilt and prospered. Branch temples spread throughout the Tibetan area, and its teachings have been passed down to this day. The statues enshrined in Dorje Drak Monastery are peculiar. There are five deities that are necessary for cultivating Taoism and becoming a Buddha. Fiercely cursing and worshiping the gods of the world. Non-Ren was originally a fierce god in Tibet's Bon religion. It was called Mamo in Tibetan and was absorbed by the Nyingma Sect as a Dharma protector. Its image is depicted as a black ugly and angry woman, half-naked, with shriveled breasts, and knotted braids; typical weapons are plague bags, ghost cards, black nooses, and balls of magic thread. The most famous protector goddess is Bandan Ram, who is the king of mamo.